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Whistleblowers biggest enemy, other Whistleblowers?

Posted by [email protected] on July 19, 2014 at 4:45 PM

In the last few years as a Whistleblower, (in the 5 years waiting for the Peanut Corp Trial to finally happen) I have been shocked at the people (Whistleblower agencies) use of people. I will preface all of this by saying there are some really good groups out there, but sadly there are some that do more harm than good. Be careful before you run to an agency to seek help, there are some pitfalls with getting involved in this community.

In my blogs I am going to work backwards from some recent events. A board member of the Whistle Blower Support Fund, who has over a dozen law suites filled, was given time in a teleconference of what is called MISC..  A group that is supposed to be inclusive of all Whistleblowers and supporting agencies. This meeting was headed by Tom Devine of the Government Accountability Project . I used to speak on their college tour, but when I went to help another org (that was sponsored by them and had a College program set up before theirs ever started I was put on the naughty list never to be talked to again), I got several calls and emails from their council, before Mr. Devine stepped in, he gave the other director an apology but my harassment went unchecked as usual. Now back to this conference on July 7th. Before we went to his (the Board Member for Whistleblower support fund) there was a discussion on yet another group that had insinuated that there might be money being mis-directed to a PayPal account for a Whistleblower Summit this month. This organization, (one person org.) withdrew from the summit and took to social media to attack me and the new co-host of the summit. Why? I withdrew going because she had tried a tactic of saying she was going to let everyone know I have a gun license, and had wrote see you in DC in an email, and this was somehow a threat to her? The directors of the summit were allowed to defend themselves, the accuser was not there but invited. Now back to the board member, a few years back he had told me that someone stole his donation (which was all spent on the event) but this time around the MISC members on the call rallied to the defense of this year’s summit organizers ignoring the trash talk of myself .Even though they were ignoring the fact that this board member for the Whistleblower Support fund had tried to use the same tactic a few year back. Well he got on the agenda, and with volunteers here is what was discussed

o Resolved- the MISC wants robust debate, but we declare that attacks on families and jobs are off limits.

o Further, an organizational meeting needs to be held as soon as possible to create a democratic, transparent, and inclusive MISC.

Now even though one of the people who volunteered to write this code, were people I wrote to stop the actions of this board member against me below, it was totally ignored. For that matter harassment continued until a Judge ordered it stop. (one of the people I wrote to, a co admin for Whistleblower Support Fund on Facebook, said what I was saying didn’t make sense, although a Judge was able to read it just fine, saying I needed medical help as she could not understand what I was writing. So obviously in the community of people who should have an even higher standard, MISC agreed that there needed to be a code, it did not apply to me or many others. This is what happened to me from the Board Member of the Whistleblower Support fund.

I wrote the following to a few of the agencies and people that were on the call hoping they would defend the conduct they were demanding above. NO ANSWER as usual. “As your Board member (WSF) and GAP, your time slot for his agenda has caused this. On other web sites he has free speech and can trash me all he wants. However here is the harassment in order for him to intimidate me against saying and doing what he wants in a law suit as opposed to the truth,

It started sick enough, I posted a story of an interview of the families of dead PCA victims and he responded with James Murtagh Join me! Let's build a democratic, inclusive and transparent MISC

1) The above was about DEAD people, nothing to do with MISC, Wbers, just disrespect to the families of Victims. When this was pointed out, he liked the comment it was dis respecting the dead.

2) MR. Murtagh has tried to friend dead people who kept pages going in memory of their loved ones with me as only connection. (and all other friends as well) and liked that I pointed out that he had done so in order to un-nerve me.

3) 2) Emailed contacts to harass (one a computer programmer that ID his tracking software, and it matches his IP.

4) Been caught using caller Id spoofing to call at 230 AM knowing we have a baby in the house in which he called 4 times.

5) Liked that my brake lines were cut on one car and had another car tampered with on the accelerator, causing serious injury. I have notified the Texas Rangers of his approval so he can be a person of interest as well as my DOJ contacts in D.C. for the PCA trial.

6) Is insinuating that unless I do what he says he will keep it up on other web pages. (but terms it I need to negotiate, there is nothing to negotiate for a witness in a trial, therefore I am not for “coexistence and peace” and I will not alter the truth to protect your agencies.

7) In the past has had Attorneys, who used to work for GAP call 5 times in 47 minutes.

 Bcc ing me on emails to everyone he emails to create a needless barrage of emails. When I called the behavior out checked he liked it. “


I could have gone on and on but finally the Judge stepped in where the Whistleblowers would not.


Complicated huh? Ignored by one major Agency, The Government Accountability Project.

A Board Member who once accused another group of stealing money from a Summit, now getting the troops to rally behind him on another person who said the same thing. Then, all the above ignoring the disgusting behavior, and still ignoring, until a CA Judge steps in.


I talk to a lot of Whistleblowers, and I fear for them if these are the groups that are their only hope. I have withdrew from the Government Accountability Project (an empty gesture anyway as I was pretty much used up and spit out as they no longer needed a flavor on the month person to parade around for donations. (The fine print in my contract has they do not litigate anyway.) I withdrew from MISC as they allowed the disgusting behavior noted above to continue. There needs to be major change in this world, but the Whistle Blowing Community I am sad to say is not the answer. 





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